Chiropractic and Massage TherapyLaGianna - Where Body Meets Soul – A Chiropratic Health Spa with MAssage TherapyLaGianna - Where Body Meets Soul – A Chiropratic Health Spa with MAssage Therapy
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5:30 PM Every Tuesday

14322 South Outer 40 Road
Town & Country, MO 63017
(314) 878-6868

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LaGianna provides Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy in Chesterfield Missouri. Call (314) 878-6868.
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LaGianna - Your Path to optimal health

A person’s whole life in just one day, and in just one day, a person’s whole life can begin the process of holistic examination through chiropractic, massage, and nutritional work.

LaGianna, a chiropractic spa, serves Chesterfield, Town and Country, West County and the greater St. Louis area.

We offer sacred wellness to clients through our holistic practice that combines updated technology with ancient healing principles. Our integrative approach allows for client based, non-invasive  medicine that provides treatment gentle enough for infants in utero while also benefiting adults. It is never too early or too late to engage in the healing process.

Giving yourself permission to seek wellness, and to experience a pure state of health requires commitment to seek the unconditional care that will diagnose, remedy, and heal the burden that weighs on your being and prevents the life-changing results you seek.

Many of us have come to live in pain management and accept it as normal without hope for a life of joy and ease. Our relaxing techniques provide the relief you want and help you are looking for … it is our gift to you.

Our chiropractic market includes preventative care and maintenance so that clinical or sub-clinical complaints are held in the same regard, that we will find your path to wellness.

We specialize in short and long-term care for clients with a range of health issues, including neurological, hormonal, lymphatic, nutritional, and physical symptoms.

Visit our chesterfield office for the healing you are seeking for yourself, your family and your friends. We are a community practice with a promise and commitment to excellent quality care.

At LaGianna, we heal through complete restoration, we relieve your symptoms by treating the origin of your body's imbalance. Our methods can improve a variety of conditions. Please click on each link to hear Dr. Phil speak about the issues and learn what you can do about it!

Back Pain
Blood Pressure
Digestive Problems
Fears & Phobias
Neck Pain
Pain Relief
Pregnancy/Pre-natal Care
TMJ/Locking Jaw
Respiratory Problems
Relationship Issues
Women’s Issues
Weight Loss
Whiplash/Car Accidents