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LaGianna provides Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy in Chesterfield Missouri. Call (314) 878-6868.
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Each massage includes a peaceful atmosphere and therapeutic music which heals body at the subconscious level and allows for deeper relaxation and rejuvenation. Massage benefits include reduced stress, pain relief, and increased circulation.

A problem cannot be solved at the same level in which it was created, meaning that a deep tissue massage will not heal a deep tissue injury. Therefore our massage techniques are integrated in a meta-analysis of each client’s particular needs based on their body’s pattern of distress.

  • Psyche/Emotional Massage—attunes to the individual’s mental stresses to relieve psychosomatic symptomatolgy. Its techniques include facial acupressure points in order to reach the subconscious mind and enhance alpha, delta, and theta waves which allow for deeper processing. Another benefit to this massage is that it allows the body and mind to leave its flight or fight process (which depletes your adrenals and disrupts your metabolism) and allows the body to move towards a more balanced state.
  • Functional/Integration Massage—interactive massage technique that follows client movement during the treatment for discovery of how the body operates in relation of one part of the body to another. The body releases blocked energy which strengthens connective tissue, provides effortless movement, and creates an increase in potential energy.
  • Where Body Meets Soul Massage—massage is individualized to each client’s unique healing process. Client is passive while the body is pulled and moved through a process that relieves tension from the body and improves circulation. The calming and energizing effects of this massage will comfort your body and soul.
  • Pre Natal Massage—relaxing massage that engages mind and body work which increases circulation and connects mother and child in a healing process that supports the pregnancy and relieves undue tension for a more comfortable labor.
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